Baja Iron Scrambler - The idea behind the machine!

Long known for its impressive torque and hearty sound, the Harley Davidson Sportster has been a staple of the motorcycling world for many years.  Long considered a beginners bike, most true Harley enthusiasts ignored the potential that lurked beneath it's surface!

Enter Gary Streuter -  a motorcycle enthusiast with a lifetime of experience riding desert, street, motocross, hill climbs and super-moto tracks.  However, his most enjoyable experiences have come in the emerging market for dual-sport bikes that can tackle both a challenging fire-road, as well as the rigors of modern freeways.

The Baja Iron Scrambler was developed to marry the best of two riding worlds to create a remarkable Adventure Bike.

At Baja Iron we  provide the best Adventure Bike we can build.  The concept is simple:  Convert a good running, fully street licensed Harley Sportster to a dual-sport bike that can master the fire roads and trails we often discover when exploring.


The freedom to explore these out of the way places requires a motorcycle with a unique blend of street legal credentials, torque driven power, modern off-road suspension and rider comfort.  The Baja Iron Scrambler has incorporated these design criteria with the added bonus of that legendary sound produced by a well tuned Harley V-Twin.